Writing again after a long hiatus... Gnuradio and IMSI catchers

First post in a long time- nearly four and a half years. The next posts are likely to focus exclusively on a new project with gnuradio.

Here’s the premise: Rapidly deployable, low-cost, versatile radio sensors. Right now, the cost is just over $100 for a sensor to detect IMSI catchers. For around $150 you can build one that’s battery powered, and you should be able to get 4+ hours of mobile observation. All of this runs on raspberry pi, and docker is used for rapid and consistent deployment to the sensors.

We’re sending all this info up to an Elasticsearch node (using Logstash), and we’ll do some analytics on the data after the fact, once we get a good volume of info.

So far, I’ve got the deployment pipeline working (image size can be a real problem) and gnuradio is built and working on the latest gen Raspberry pi. Currently outstanding work centers on speeding up the spectrum scan time and firing live bullets at the thing, so to speak. I really need an environment rich in IMSI catchers to see what sort of range I can get out of this thing. If you’re in the SF bay area (hell, I’ll make the drive if you’re in Northern CA) and you have an IMSI catcher I can test this with, I would be forever grateful. If you’re game, please reach out through twitter DM (@ashmastaflash) and let’s get the conversation started.