Headless Pcap Party and Mr. Robot

After a week off playing tourist with friends visiting from back home, I’m back in this thing elbow-deep.

I figured out why the pcap isn’t being generated as desired- we need a frame buffer. Gnuradio (or at least the subset I’m using) isn’t designed for running on a headless machine. Makes automation a little tricky, but I’m confident there’s an elegant way to do it. Trying to get Xvfb to play nice inside a Docker container for now. We’ll see how that goes.

I’ll back-burner that thought for a minute and offer up a thought or two on Sam Esmail’s Mr. Robot. [Spoilers ahead] I’ve noticed some interesting correlation between Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ blueprint and the storyline of Mr. Robot. While some of the minor characters’ story arcs follow the formula on their own to a greater or lesser degree, the main storyline seems to have crossed the first threshold and concluded the season just after ‘Meeting the Shadow Self’ (referencing Lisa A. Paltz Spindler’s illustration on this page). Working backward, I would pin the off-screen execution of the hack as the point that Eliot crosses the First Threshold. The Road of Trials seems to coincide with the trouble with the Dark Army leading up to the attack. The Call to Adventure and Meeting the Mentor milestones seem to happen out-of-order with Mr. robot’s appearance on the subway preceding the conversation on the Ferris Wheel.

It will be interesting to see if the remainder of the series continues to closely follow Campbell’s blueprint. And if you haven’t read “Hero With a Thousand Faces”, you need to go ahead and throw some money at your favorite book seller.