That's how they get you.

In an effort to learn more about developing for constrained computing environments, I decided to create an electronic badge for my group of friends. We drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas every year, with the hopes of getting a good, high-altitude camping site in the Eastern Sierras behind Bishop, CA.

Being a few years into this tradition, we’ve endured enough mishaps and created memories sufficient to inspire a simple, meaningful, and obnoxious design.

Keeping it short, and leaving the code to speak for itself, here’s the design:


  • Badges should have a basic threshold of always-present blinky.
  • Moar badges, moar blinky. As badgeholders gather, moar blinky happens.
  • Getting the entire crew together should do something different.


  • Each badge has a role. Raccoon, Vehicular Failure, Bat, and Smoke.
  • Each badge dimly represents its own role’s blinky by default.
  • As more badges gather, more roles light up on all present badges. For instance, if the Raccoon badge shows up to a group with a Smoke badge and a Bat badge present, all badges present will have bright and blinky Raccoon, Bat, and Smoke features.
  • If one of each type is present, all badges will chitter like raccoons.

Hacker Overland v4.0

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