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Voice routing in Cisco Unity Connection and CallManager Express

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT responsible for what you do with this information. If you take my advice and screw up, it’s on YOU, bud. I’m also not responsible for what may happen to any warranty or service contract you have on your machine if you follow these instructions. Setup: Cisco CallManager Express + Cisco Unity Connection Problem: Corporate management wants to monitor all incoming calls for all inbound numbers using Unity Connection’s Call Manager Traffic report… but they want the customer to reach a real human first, without hearing anything pre-recorded. Caveat: If you’ve dealt with Unity Connection, you know that you can pass a call through a call handler with a blank greeting, but just before the transfer occurs the call handler tells the customer that their call is being transferred. According to Cisco there is no ‘supported’ way to disable that little voice prompt. Solution: Every system voice prompt is stored on the Unity Connection server in WAV files in subdirectories under G:\Cisco Unity Connection\TuiResources\Prompts\ENU\G711\ or G:\Cisco Unity Connection\TuiResources\Prompts\ENU\G729\ So, I replaced the unwanted WAV file with a blank one and Voila! The customer gets passed through the call handler, gets tallied for reporting purposes and rings the sales phones directly. Here’s how to find the file: search the G711 directory for files named prompt.ini containing the text that is spoken in the file you seek. Dig around in the results to find a reference to the offending file (may take a while). Copy the file to a network share if you are using Remote Desktop to access the machine… DO NOT PLAY IT IN A REMOTE DESKTOP SESSION!!! Playing audio in an RD session can ruin audio settings throughout the Unity Connection software package. Test the WAV to make sure it’s what you want and rename the original to {original filename}.wav.OLD. Copy a blank WAV file into the same directory and name it so as to replace the original, unwanted file. What I was looking for in particular was …\G711\AvPHGreet\AvPHGreetENU005.wav . The file I replaced it with was originally named AvAddrSearchENU003.wav (under another folder) No server restart was required and the system now works beautifully!